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At our company, ingenuity and experience have come together for decades to produce unique upholstery fabrics with outstanding quality.
  1. 1952

    Year of foundation

    1954: Mr. Gunter d'Alquen joined the management of the company.

    Production of jacquard fabrics for the booming  furniture industry in Germany.

    Development of plain flat weaves and first own color developments.

  2. 1960

    First product innovations

    Together with BAYER AG, Krall+Roth developed the innovative and patented DRALON synthetic fiber.

    The durability and light fastness of upholstery fabrics was significantly increased.

    Well-known manufacturers of 'modern' home furniture such as KNOLL International, Wilkhahn and some Scandinavian manufacturers implemented the new possibilities.

  3. 1970

    Development of patents and bi-elastic upholstery fabrics

    1972: Krall+Roth received a patent for the technology of a textile composite fabric that allows back foaming.

    Verner Panton was looking for upholstery fabrics for his organic installation of the Visiona 2 Fantasy Landscape exhibition. Krall+Roth then developed the patented twisting process Elaflex for bielastic upholstery fabrics. Vitra used this technology for the Vitramat (Wolfgang Müller- Deisig).

    Krall+Roth developed the flock dyed flat weave 1301 with over 100 colors.

    1978: Mr. Till d'Alquen joined the management.

  4. 1980

    Revolution for the furniture market: development of flame-retardant upholstery fabrics

    Krall+Roth developed flame retardant upholstery fabrics for the first time, a revolution in fabric manufacturing.

    Article 9201 was developed together with Hoechst AG and made of 100% Polyester Trevira CS.

    Jacquard patterned contract furniture fabrics were introduced to the market.

    International companies such as Castelli and Knoll International USA used bielastic fabrics for new product developments.

    1986: Krall+Roth got a patent for the technology of deep-drawing a textile composite fabric. By heat the textile pulled over a mould, it is possible to conform and follow the given shape.

    1987: Exclusive 'custom made' articles were produced for the following customers, among others:

    Klaus Frank and Werner Sauer for Wilkhahn FS-Line (awarded with product design award, red dot award, good design and design center Stuttgard award)

    Antonio Citterio for Vitra,                                  

    Simon Desanta Comforto for Haworth.

  5. 1990


    Acquisition of the Belgian company Albert van Havere AvH.

    1991: Saxonia Weberei GmbH is founded due to high jacquard fabrics demand.

    1998: Krall+Roth got a patent for the development of self-supporting fabrics.

    A large number of patents were granted for prefabricated upholstery covers, which enabled new manufacturing processes for seating furniture, especially for the production of office chairs.

  6. 2000

    Ingenious textile developments

    2002 Mr. Oliver Salzmann joined the management board.

    2006 Reorganization of the company.

    2007 Krall+Roth got a patent for SHRINX.

    2008 Development of hydrophobic and antibacterial textiles 'SPECTRUM CARE KOLLEKTION' (awarded with the architecture prize).

  7. 2010


    2011 Foundation of Krall+Roth Asia to meet the high demand for innovative textiles on the Asian market.

    Since 2011 Krall+Roth operates a combined heat and power plant with 30 kW thermal and 15 kW electrical power.

    2013 SHRINX is honored with the Interzum Best of the Best Award.

    2016 Krall+Roth got a patent on the SHRINX composite system 'SHRINX SANDWICH'.

    2017 'SHRINX SANDWICH' is awarded with the Interzum Best of the Best Award.

  8. 2020


    Krall+Roth develops article PURE made from 100% recycled polyamide and thus 100% recyclable.

    2022 Foundation of Krall+Roth SENSOR UG and obtaining a patent for sensor technology in combination with self-supporting textiles.

    2023 Planning of a PV plant with 170 kWp capacity, which means a CO² saving of 1,182 tons.

    2030 Planning climate neutrality of the production plant in Meerane.

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We continue to develop our textiles every day. This is how we constantly create trend-setting, patented technologies and product concepts that are appreciated all over the world.