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The highest standards of design, look and feel: we rethink every textile project, according to what is required or desired.
Krall+Roth Weberei

Typical Krall+Roth 

We rethink every textile project, depending on what is required or desired: Public or private? Office or hospital? Hotel or retirement home? Cosy or highly functional? Very stylish or super hygienic?

Whatever the case, our upholstery fabrics meet the highest demands in terms of design, feel and quality.

Our own twisting mill

Twisting is the name given to the mechanical twisting of yarns and threads together to form a thread, the twine. The advantage of having your own twisting mill, like we do: whether metal thread or spandex, polyester or wool - there is no twisting solution and no twisting effect that we cannot realise.

Our own warping

Warping is a preparatory operation in the weaving mill. It involves the production of a warp of the same length, wound parallel to each other. Of course, we do the warping ourselves. This guarantees maximum efficiency

Krall+Roth Produktion Weberei

Our own weaving mill

After wood and stone working, weaving is one of the oldest crafts of humanity. Or to put it in more complex terms: The art of weaving is one of the oldest techniques for producing textile fabrics, in which at least two thread systems, the warp (warp thread) and the weft (weft thread), are crossed at right angles. The products are "woven fabrics". We have mastered the complete range of weaving techniques from flat to woven.

Our own development workshop

We think and act not only like a twisting, warping and weaving mill, but also like an upholstery workshop. In our development workshop, we accompany you in the development of chairs, construct prototypes and advise on upholstery concepts.

Exclusivity included

On your request, we can also offer our textile innovations on an exclusive basis. This is part of our understanding of partnership.

further services

Krall+Roth Weberei Garn

Custom Made

Our customised solutions convince leading designers and companies all over the world. They rely on our creativity, expertise and reliability.

Krall+Roth Weavingmill Germany Valdimar Hardarson Hildur Chair


Our textile design is a blend of aesthetics and functionality and has been the inspiration behind several design classics.

Krall+Roth Application


We are the textile engineers of the future. We are known for our patented textile developments. For every purpose and application, for any requirements and wishes, we deliver the tailor-made solution.

Krall+Roth Weberei Produktion


We think, design, twist, warp, sew, weave and upholster with great respect for tradition. And with a fine sense for the future.