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patented technology in sensor data infrastructure for self-supporting fabrics. Our service includes a supply chain which offers the entire data spectrum about textile, SENSOR technology, hardware, app, data and cloud solution.
Krall+Roth Sensor

We record data in textile through our patented technology, based on the SENSOR technology and self-supporting fabrics, in consideration of DSGVO,
and make it available for further processing.

Furthermore, SENSOR is able to be used also on conventional upholstery surfaces.

We offer oppurtunities for customizable sensor technology:

  • extremely high resolution 
  • flexible
  • ultra thin
  • customizable & freely sizeable
  • adaptable to every surface
  • integratable or stand-alone

We offer AI & BIG DATA in real time:

  • realtime analysis
  • artificial intelligence
  • big-data analysis & data interpretation
  • cloud infrastructure & data management
KR sensor2

SENSOR can be used in :

  • Gaming
  • Office
  • Hotel & Gastronomy
  • Open Space
  • Care

Due to the use of SENSOR technology, every day life will get easier and can be influenced positively:

  • recoginzation of static and dynamic movement: occupany of roomload, seats and beds 
  • connecting chairs for example row seating or distance control
  • efficient personel organization
  • energy savings through visible utilization of roomload and seats
  • digital check-in & reservations via app
  • flexible workflow 

SENSOR helps promoting health and creativity, movement, fitness and supports the well beeing.

  • flexible and invisible SENSOR technology
  • AI & data analytics
  • displaying occupancy and movement
  • self-supporting textile
  • longevity
  • sustainable
  • sorted seperation
  • resource saving

Sustainability efforts concepts for circular economy, energy and resource savings.
SENSOR technology helps to reach each of these areas.

  • saving energy: efficient organization and occupancy of working areas and room load
  • saving resources: store informations about used materials in chair production which allows a sorted separation
  • circular economy: all stored informations lead to a circular economy

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We see ourselves as textile engineers whose aspiration is to always look for the best solution for our customers – even if we have yet to invent the solution.


The sustianable upholstery solution.

Krall+Roth Produktion Weberei Meerane


The highest standards of design, look and feel: we rethink every textile project, according to what is required or desired.