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The sustainable upholstery solution. The aim of FOAMLESS is to provide the comfort of traditional upholstered seating without foam and a minimum of different materials used to provide a reduction of resources and emissions.

FOAMLESS is realised through a combination of intelligent weaving technology and innovative yarns.

Added to this is a simple but intelligent connection of the self-supporting fabric to the frame.

Due to the shrinking properties of the fabric, contours & radii can be created that guarantee comfort.

FOAMLESS requires few components. Thus, the use of materials is kept to a minimum, which leads to a reduction in resource consumption and emissions.

Krall+Roth Foamless

FOAMLESS stands for longevity: In the beginning, there is a durable design with the selection of materials.

These should be durable and reusable. The simple exchange of components enables an extension of the product life cycle.

Reuse in a second market is possible.

FOAMLESS is designed in such a way that disassembly is quick and the materials used can be separated, collected and recycled according to type.

FOAMLESS stands for efficiency in transport: FOAMLESS is manufactured in Europe.

Due to the reduced weight, larger quantities can be transported at once, which increases efficiency in transport and logistics,

saves costs and contributes to climate protection. Delivery and ordering processes are simplified, there will be less room for errors or delays.

Assembly made easy: The simple upholstery enables assembly directly on site.

The furniture can be assembled independently by anyone, no skilled workers are required.

Krall+Roth Foamless softseating circle
  • comfortable
  • self-supporting
  • sustainable
  • recycable
  • seperatable by type
  • resource-saving
  • reduced emissions
  • longevity

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We see ourselves as textile engineers whose aspiration is to always look for the best solution for our customers – even if we have yet to invent the solution.
Krall+Roth Sensor technology


patented technology in sensor data infrastructure for self-supporting fabrics.

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The highest standards of design, look and feel: we rethink every textile project, according to what is required or desired.