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4903 4903

4903 SHRINX is a semi-translucent SHRINX mesh made of 68% Polyester and 32% Polyamid, available in 30 colors.

A soft feel and a great play of colors are offered by the two-color mesh textile 4903 SHRINX. The combination of 30 colors and exceptional technical properties makes it a perfect match for any application.

4903 SHRINX is suitable for seat and back use.

Thanks to the self-supporting property, our SHRINX products avoid the use of additional cushioning materials and thus sustainably relieve the environment.

68% Polyester, 32% Polyamid
120 cm
Weight (lm)
425 g/lm
Abrasion resistance
70000 Martindale
D - DIN EN 1021-1 (Cigarette test)
Fastness to light
D - DIN EN ISO 105-B02: 2014 6
Fastness to rubbing
D - DIN EN ISO 105-X12: 2016 4-5
Fastness to perspiration
D - DIN EN ISO 105-E04: 2013 4-5
Fastness to dry cleaning
D - DIN EN ISO 105-D01: 2010 4-5

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