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9520 CARE 9520 CARE

9520 CARE is a sustainable solution for stain free upholstery for the commerical and residential interior. 9520 CARE is flame retardant according to international flammability standards.

9520 CARE offers the best solution for sophisticated contract furnishings, whether it is a senior apartment or a hotel. The cozy upholstery fabric can be used in areas where hygiene is top priority without any maintenance disadvantages. The unique Spectrum CARE system makes it easy to remove or brush out even stubborn stains.

The antibacterial, water and spot resistant 9520 CARE upholstery fabric is ideal for use on seating that is exposed to a lot of wear and tear.

100% Polyester
138 cm
Weight (lm)
770 g/lm
Material composition
Stain resistant
Moisture barrier
Abrasion resistance
50000 Martindale
D - DIN EN 1021-1 (Cigarette test)
D - DIN EN 1021-2 (Butane flame test)
D - DIN 4102 B1
A - Önorm B3825
GB - British Standard 7176 Medium hazard
Fastness to light
D - DIN EN ISO 105-B02: 2014 5
Fastness to rubbing
D - DIN EN ISO 105-X12: 2016 4-5
Fastness to perspiration
D - DIN EN ISO 105-E04: 2013 4-5
Fastness to dry cleaning
D - DIN EN ISO 105-D01: 2010 4-5

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