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SHRINX Sandwich

A new generation of Krall+Roth’s SHRINX technology. This innovation means that two finishes can be created with one frame. As a result, the customer saves on tools and the upholstery process thanks to SHRINX technology and its good track record.


The SHRINX composite gives you greater flexibility, both in terms of the range of types and in the production process. A SHRINX composite consists of foam (approx. 5 mm) onto which the self-supporting SHRINX mesh is laminated. There’s a charmeuse lining on the back to make the fabric/leather/artificial leather easy to upholster.

A welt is sewn onto this composite and inserted into a special groove (in a frame) without any tension applied. The composite is then heated from the rear (approx. 120°C) to tighten the SHRINX composite.

How you benefit

  • Customers own materials and standard materials can be used
  • Procurement is made easier
  • Stock levels are kept low
  • Response time is quicker
  • Customers are more satisfied
  • Only one tool is required for 2 looks (less time taken for upholstery = whether a mesh or fabric version is chosen)
  • A greater competitive edge due to greater flexibility