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Our Portfolio

Skilled weaving

From flat-woven to jacquard fabrics, we’ve perfected weaving to an art form. Quite simply: we never leave any loose ends. Based in Germany, our longstanding, highly trained staff look forward to any challenge presented.


Designing upholstery fabrics

Our designs are geared to a whole host of applications – from high-quality office furniture to hotel textiles to the healthcare segment. We can draw on a large variety of yarn components and offer your standard and customised solutions.


Reliable doubling - warping - weaving - logistics

We have our own doubling mill to allow us to use metal thread, elastane, polyester or wool to produce a whole host of effects. Furthermore, we want to comply with standards and be efficient at the same time. Which is why we have our own warping facilities to guarantee consistent quality. We respond to our customers’ desire for quality by making final inspections of our products. We’re also happy to manage the logistics in terms of warehousing and handling.


Cutting - sewing - upholstering

We always get top marks from you when it comes to quality, compliance with delivery dates and quantities. We found a partner with the same mindset who can offer this extra service, which customers in the homes and contract furnishing segments like to use.


Development Workshop

Krall+Roth doesn’t just offer chair concepts from the perspective of the weaver, but also bears in mind the upholsterers’ skills. For years, we’ve been helping our customers to develop chairs with upholstery concepts provided by our own trained experts.