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Jacquard fabric is produced for Germany’s booming furniture industry.

Single colour flat woven fabrics such as Nylon Homespun and the first in-house dyes are developed.



Dralon synthetic fibre is developed with Bayer.
More lightweight, hard-wearing and lightfast furniture fabrics are possible.

Manufacturers of modern furniture such as Knoll International, Wilkhahn and some Scandinavian companies tap into the new options.



A focus is placed on the office furniture industry. The 1301 flat woven fabric with over 100 colours (flock-dyed) is developed.
Verner Panton seeks solutions for its curved models, Krall & Roth develop bi-elastic furniture fabrics. Vitra uses the Vitramat chair for this technology. Till d’Alquen joins the management team.



The first flame retardant 9201 upholstery fabrics are developed with Hoechst.
New contract furnishing fabrics with jacquard patterns are presented to the market.
Licences are issued for the US: Knoll International, Castelli. Designers such as Citterio and Thiel for Vitra, Frank and Sauer for Wilkhahn and Desanta and Sappert for Comforto create characteristic products.





The overwhelming success of contract furnishing fabrics with jacquard patterns leads to the foundation of Krall & Roth Sachsen. Self-supporting fabric is developed. A variety of patents are issued for pre-fabricated upholstery covers that allow new chair manufacturing methods.



Award-winning CARE collection: hydrophobic coating and a unique backing make the collection unbeatable for geriatric healthcare.
The colourful jacquards stand out. Oliver Salzmann joins the management team. 



The SHRINX technology is developed, allowing fabric to be applied to rigid frames without stretching it.

Krall+Roth Asia is founded.

Company is presented with the Interzum Award 2013 and 2017 (Best of the Best each time).